Sunday Service

Every Sunday at 10:00am, at The DeKoven Center – 27 Washington Street, Middletown CT 06457.
Awaken the Power within you to create the life you really want, and live in the joy of life!  Learn how you can step into the largeness of being alive.  What’s in you is Greater than that which is outside of you.  Our Sunday celebration starts at 9:45 with a 15-minute meditation to quiet the mind and open the heart to the spirit in us and surrounding us.  We enjoy lively musical celebration which raises our voices and unites us as one.  This is followed by a spiritual teaching from one of our two ministers. Each Sunday there is a new topic on Spiritual Awakening. We are called to remember the truth of our Oneness with God and each other and how best to continually grow in this spiritual Awakening.  After the sermon, there is time to ask the minister questions about the teaching.  We conclude the celebration with the Peace Song followed by time to greet like-minded people and eat in the social room. You will be happy you came!

Pre-Service Meditation

9:45am to 10am. To quiet our minds and become centered, there is a peaceful meditation before each service. Please arrive promptly if you wish to participate.

Spiritual Education

Our Education Program is dedicated to serving our Spiritual Family by providing opportunities for members to use their lives as a laboratory in co-creating a personally satisfying learning experience.

Our Ministry of Prayer is always available

Prayer, Spiritual Mind Treatment, is an important part of our Science of Mind teaching and way of life. If you are in need of prayer, CTCSL has many ways you can connect with someone who can help. Our Ecclesiastical Team consisting of  Rev. Patrick RSc.F, Rev. Jean and our Spiritual Practitioners, are here for you. After Sunday service, our Practitioners are available for anyone needing a moment of prayer. On Sunday, there is a Prayer Box located at the back of the Sanctuary (or in the Wadsworth Room) where you can write your prayer request and it will be included in our daily prayers for the next week. Also on Sunday we have added an Animal Prayer Box that is available for your pets to receive prayer. It is artfully decorated and is also located in the back of the Sanctuary (or in the Wadsworth Room). Leave a prayer request and Barbra Richards, Animal Chaplain, will include your request in daily prayer.

Marriage and Renewal of Vows

We offer non-traditional marriage ceremonies that are beautifully written and orchestrated. We promote marriage as a sacred union. It is a uniting of the shared Divinity of two individuals, One in Spirit, and yet wonderfully unique. The marriage ceremony is a celebration of oneness and the beginning of a sacred journey of love and life that benefits the couple and the world. We also offer a renewal of vows ceremony to reaffirm and celebrate the continued voyage of the loving couple.

Baby Blessings

To welcome young ones to the world with ceremony. 

Memorial Services

With love and profound respect, we offer powerful remembrance ceremonies for your beloved deceased.

By interviewing key family members, we come to know the being who has made the transition. This memorial service is a celebration of life, the mystery of one’s journey that we all share.